Teacher / RYT-500
Warm/Hot Vinyasa, Power Flow, Beginner, Chair, Ashtanga & Restorative

I’m AFFA Certified in group fitness & Tabata/Boot camp certified….My yoga Journey began six years ago when my life was derailed by the loss of my father.. I was looking for an escape from reality, a way to reconnect to the self I once knew, that got lost somewhere in this thing we call life.. I happened to stumble across this dance studio that offered Zumba/ yoga classes.. Reluctant at first but gave it a whirl and I have to admit my first Power Yoga was built me from the inside out like nothing I’ve ever experienced a total love that drives me to this day.The practice of Yoga has changed my life it guided me back to “ME” not the kid I once was or the Mother,wife,sister,daughter,friend I am today, but to the true me the one I always longed to meet my soul, where I’ve learned to release life’s holds and choose no boundaries allowing my spirit to sore… I’m in the process of getting my 200 RYT in Ashtanga and in the future Bikram/hot yoga but my heart and soul will always belong to Vinyasa Power Yoga…..