F.L.Y ~ First Love Yourself <3

Utilizing the aerial yoga hammock as a prop, we will access classic yin yoga postures with a fun aerial twist.

Under the traditional Chinese understanding of yin (more passive) and yang (more active) energy, most yoga classes are ‘yang’. Postures focus on moving the body, contracting and strengthening the muscles. This challenges the muscles and connective tissue in our joints, and this mild stress means they respond by becoming stronger.

Aerial Yoga Safety & Etiquette
Aerial yoga has many benefits and can be very exciting. It is an opportunity to bring your
Yoga practice to the next level. SAFETY is of utmost importance. Be courteous for the next
person using the hammock. Some simple rules apply.
Listen attentively to teacher instructions.
Wear a sleeved shirt that covers the armpits.
Wear form-fitting clothing. Baggy clothing can catch on the slings, causing accidents.
No Zippers on clothing.
No Jewelry or Hair Clips.
No Heavy Make-Up.
Observe good personal hygiene.
Clean feet.
Wear deodorant.
No Gum or Candy.
Avoid practicing on full stomach.
No open wounds.
Avoid drinking coffee and caffeinated tea prior to class

48 Hour CANCELLATION NOTICE, otherwise you will be charge drop in fee.
Physical Restrictions and Contraindications
Check with your doctor before attending class if you have a spinal injury or degenerative disease processes, or any medical condition that might be affected by an Aerial Yoga class.
Possible Contraindications include:
High or low blood pressure
Easy onset of Vertigo
Heart Disease
Recent Stroke
Osteoporosis or bone weakness
Recent concussion or head injury
Disc Herniation
Hiatal Hernia
Artificial or Re-surfaced Hips
Botox within 24 hours of class

Yin yoga, however, uses slower postures, held for much longer, to gently develop the flexibility and length of the joints’ connective tissues. Yin Yoga serves as a unique tool for helping you get the greatest possible benefit from yoga practice.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga emphasizes certain main components, namely tristhana (“three places of action or attention”, or the more physical aspects of poses) and vinyasa (the alignment of breaths with movement).

The main benefits of Aerial are:

  • Physical Strength
  • Mental Healing
  • Spiritual Well Being
  • Weight Management
  • Increases Flexibility

Aerial classes start from $15 per class.
One on one sessions start from $49